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Custom Lighting, Furniture, Bicycles and Motorcycles


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Luke moved around quite a bit growing up and learned to rely on his own ingenuity and creativity for entertainment. This upbringing created a rather curious individual.  He wants to know how people, objects, and systems work. 

His curiosity lead him to enlist in the Coast Guard where he learned how to service and repair engines, boilers, compressors, generators, hydraulics and reverse osmosis machines. He harassed old-timers to teach him how to weld and machine parts. He developed skills, resourcefulness, and innovation. After eight years of service, he left the Coast Guard and traveled. In Japan, he learned carpentry, farming and the struggles of migrant labor. In Australia, he insulated houses, repaired roofs, and fished for sustenance. In Indonesia, he sailed, learned patience and compassion and the depth of his own inexperience.

Whether he is building a lamp, table, bicycle, or motorcycle, you will see Luke's curiosity about the how of how things work and a unique interpretation based on his experience. In each creation, there is a nod to mechanical function, a respect for pragmatism, and a glimmer of the  uninhibited fascination for the inner working of objects.